Robin Lieberman, MSW, LCSW: curative painting and collaborative psychotherapy


Individual and Couple Therapy

Robin is a trained Gestalt therapist having completed four years with the Gestalt Therapy Institute of Los Angeles and additional work with the Portland Gestalt Therapy Training Institute, where she was a co-trainer. She has furthered her study in Collaborative Couple Therapy through a training group and seminars.

Central to a person’s wish to get to know oneself better through psychotherapy is the confidential relationship between therapist and client. This relationship can be used effectively to understand one’s patterns of thought and behavior in a caring manner in a protected setting. Your confidentiality will be respected and protected

Children, Teens and Families

Imagination and creativity contribute to children’s development and vitality. Play and artwork access and stimulate these capacities as children work through challenges, whether developmental or situational.

Children have an an opportunity to work in the studio where they can safely express and explore their feelings through art. With her warmth and gentle caring nature, Robin supports each child and family in working through their fears, sadness and worry as they cope with change, loss or hurt.

Some teens take to painting, too, as it allows for nonverbal, creative expression and exploration. Or they can sit comfortably on the couch to talk and explore their concerns.

Robin also periodically offers group psychotherapy sessions for children going through divorce or separation, often to augment individual therapy. Separate sessions with parents and other caregivers are also offered, allowing the children’s sessions to remain confidential. When indicated, family sessions can also be scheduled. Please call if you are interested in her next series.

Curative Painting

For several years now Robin has enjoyed weekly mentoring with Jannebeth Röell, RN, BFA, using painting therapy in the tradition of Liane Collot D’Herbois. This ongoing training has deepened Robin’s skills and appreciation of the anthroposophic understanding of the soul (the bridge between the spiritual and our practical life). Robin is now pleased to be able to offer this empowering method to her clients.

Artistic activity can be a powerful yet gentle way to engage a person’s whole being. Many of us strive to live more fully aware of ourselves and our effect on others and our environment. Through art we put emotion directly in motion. Awareness of important issues can then come forth in a creative process that is freed from conventional thinking.

Watercolor painting lends itself to this process. This mode of painting allows form to emerge out of color, just as a person emerges out of the psychotherapy process more aware and grounded in novel ways.

One does not need to have any skills or talent, just an openness and willingness to experiment and experience something new.